Stackable trays for production and storage

In particular in the jewellery and watch industry tray series from Kling Swiss are proven helpers for product presentations and sales promotion. Now we have developed similar trays for new branches like production, logistics or storage - the stackable trays, made of extremely robust polystyrene. With these trays you ensure a safe transportation and well organized storage of your goods - for internal and external purposes.

At the moment we offer three different models:

- Injection-moulded, stackable trays 3903 and 3904 (both in two dimensions available)

- Vacuum formed, stackable trays 3901 and 3902 (in two dimensions available)

- Vacuum formed, stackable trays 3911 (in three dimensions available)

For all types of stackable trays we offer standardized foam inserts which guarantee a safe transportation of your goods. Of course we also are able to manufacture 100% customized foam inserts!


More information in detail you can find in our Basic Collection Catalogue.

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