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It all started in the watch and jewellery industry. For over 40 years we have been successfully serving these sectors and have already successfully completed thousands of projects.

In the meantime Kling Swiss has grown, diversified considerably and now creates goods presentations for almost every sector – worldwide!

(Daniel Boschung, CEO Kling Swiss SA)

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Kling Swiss SA has been a member of the Kling Group for 20 years and has been active on the Swiss market for 40 years


Kling Swiss SA has been developing and creating sales-promoting goods and product presentations for over 40 years. Although it started off in the watch and jewellery industry, King Swiss now has customers in a wide range of different sectors. At Kling Swiss, quality is our number one priority. The production at our site in Birkenfeld, Germany - the headquarters of the parent company Kling - certainly plays a key role here. In addition we have long-term partnerships and cooperative agreements with companies in Hong Kong and China that manufacture for us in accordance with Swiss quality standards.

We focus on individuality because every brand is unique! As a result, long-term customer relationships are particularly important to us. This is because in-depth knowledge of the nature of the market allows us to develop image-promoting concepts together. 

This competency has been developed over the decades and makes both Kling GmbH and Kling Swiss SA leading manufacturers of product presentations in their market. You can get everything you need from Kling for the effective sales promotion of your products.

At modern and innovative production facilities, Kling Swiss produces displays, presentation or sample cases, innovative packaging and cases, showcases, shop-in-shop solutions, decorations and much more. Our extensive know-how and competent consulting are the basis for the creation of eye-catching product presentations. We offer competent advice – from the first idea to the full implementation of your product presentations.

Quality is a huge priority at Kling Swiss – from the first meeting to the implementation of your ideas. Our competence and know-how provide holistic solutions which meet your personal needs and put your brand in the right light.

Due to the demanding design, a good sense for trends and a love of detail, at Kling Swiss we are able to create individual solutions which ensure sustainable success on the market.

Get to know us and benefit from our love of innovation, our design and quality demands and our decades of know-how!



Effective product presentations for over 40 years

1987: Founding of Inter-Gaine SA by Erika and Ernst Sidler in Le Landeron.

1989: Relocation to Ringstraße in Port.

The German company Kling takes over Inter-Gaine SA.


2001: Erika and Ernst Sidler leave the company.


2001: Daniel Boschung takes on the company management.


2008: Relocation to Müllerstraße in Port.


2008: Inter-Gaine SA changes its name to Kling Swiss SA.


2008: Founding of the subsidiary Global Tender (Asia) Limited in Hong Kong.


2019: Relocation to Erlenstraße in Brügg.

CEO Boschung


The Kling group grew out of the “Friedrich Kling” company in recent years.


The Kling Group currently consists of six independent companies:
Kling GmbH, Kling Swiss SA, Bossert GmbH, Faisst GmbH, Global Tender Asia Ltd. and Tablo Design GmbH.

Each company is a specialist in its own area and benefits from the synergies within the company group.

A brief description as well as additional information about the Kling corporate group can also be found here: www.kling-unternehmensgruppe.de


Kling GmbH

Perfect goods presentation at the point of sale

Kling GmbH


With its headquarters in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim, Kling GmbH is a leader in sales-promoting goods presentations at the PoS. Kling creates presentation systems of the highest quality. The company offers everything you need for a successful brand presentation – from tailor-made displays, boxes, showcases, shop systems and decorations to versatile case and tray collections.


Faisst GmbH

Manufacturer of aluminium and industrial cases


Since 1963, Faisst has produced high-grade transport and presentation cases for every purpose. Tailor-made precision inserts cut with water jets are specially coordinated to the products.



Bossert GmbH

Label manufacturer since 1890


Bossert has supplied labels and accessories to its customers since 1890. The company offers a versatile standard range that comprises a great selection of tags, plastic or sticky labels as well as other products to strengthen the brand presentation.



Global Tender Asia Ltd.

Trade organisation with office in China


Global Tender with its headquarters in Hong Kong is a competent partner in the manufacture of packaging, decorations, displays, display cases as well as cases and drawers.


Tablo GmbH

Agency for design


Tablo's strengths lie in the preparation of extraordinary designs and the skilful staging of the brand presentation. Product design, graphic design, object design and communications design are the core competencies of the agency.






Showcases and Shop in Shop

Showcases and Shop in Shop


Cases and Trays

Vitrinen & Shop in Shop


Rebra Extralight

Rebra Extralight


Kling Worldwide

As an internationally active company, Kling continuously expands its customer base both domestically and abroad. We concentrate on the European markets, but of course countries outside Europe also belong to our clientele. With sites in Switzerland, Great Britain and China as well as representative offices in Holland and South Africa, we are available to our customers on site worldwide. Our thinking is global with respect to our customers and our actions are always service-oriented.

Kling Weltweit

Kling GmbH

Carl-Benz-Str. 14-16
75217 Birkenfeld

Tel.: +49 7231 48 88 0
Fax: +49 7231 48 88 88
E-Mail: service@kling.de
Web: www.kling.de

Kling Swiss SA

Müllerstrasse 3
2562 Port / Biel-Bienne

Tel.: +41 32 331 85 53
Fax: +41 32 331 85 54
E-Mail: info@kling-swiss.ch
Web: www.kling-swiss.ch

Global Tender Asia Ltd.

Suite 811
Tsimshatsui Centre | East Wing
66 Mody Road | Tsimshatsui East
Kowloon | Hong Kong

Tel.: +852 2268 6847
Fax: +852 2268 6749
Mail: contact@global-tender.com
Web: www.global-tender.com

Crayve Presentations (Pty) Ltd.

Unit 5, Barbeque Terrace
Dytchley Road
Barbeque Downs, Extension 36
Kyalami, 1684
South Africa

Tel.: +27 11 466 9196
Fax: +27 11 466 9774
Mail: info@crayve.co.za