The variety of products and production possibilities at Kling are one of a kind. There is hardly any customer requirement that we can't meet.

(Daniel Boschung, CEO Kling Swiss SA)


For decades, Kling has been one of the market leaders for displays made out of all kinds of materials


A POS display provides an entirely individual stage for unique products. It offers the brand manufacturer a decisive oppotunity to differentiate himself at the Point of Sale. Displays create small, independent worlds of experience in the sense of the corporate culture and support the branding. The display's design and functionality are inseparable. Together with our customers, we develop displays that unmistakeably reflect the character of the brand. Whether the displays are made of acrylic, precious woods or vacuum-shaped plastic. With a high-gloss finish, covered with faux leather or with an integrated photo motif.  

There are hardly any limits to the creative possibilities. Kling creates displays for all kinds of industries and out of all kinds of materials, including mixed materials. The display development and manufacture takes place at the Birkenfeld site – 100% Made in Germany.  



Well packaged and with a sophisticated presentation – innovative packaging and boxes by Kling   


The perfectly equipped production line at the Kling company facilitate a multitude of different production possibilities to package your product's attractively and according to your requirements. The materials used are just as versatile as the possible processing methods and range from wood to plastics to carton and corrugated cardboard. 

The design of the packaging solutions can be directed by the client or optionally be carried out by our design agency Tablo GmbH. Thanks to the additional production site in Asia, we can also offer different price structures on request.



Exclusive paper bags for trade fairs, retail and promotional purposes   


Paper carrier bags are a popular advertising means in a wide range of sectors. In retail, the bags are used to carry purchased goods or even as fashionable accessories. Smaller paper bags are also ideal as high-quality packaging materials for jewellery, watches and other luxury articles. Furthermore, paper bags have already become an essential part of trade fairs and company presentations - after all they offer a quick and easy way to store product brochures, flyers and other information materials.

Design your own quality paper bag with Kling Swiss. You can choose any size of carrier bag you wish. It is also possible to decorate the paper bag with partial or full coating to give it an exclusive look.


presentation cases and trays


Cases made of high-grade leather or robust aluminium and accompanied by matching drawers – just the right thing for the jewellery and watch industry!   

The great range of individual sample cases and drawer systems for the jewellery, watch, optics, acoustics, technology, cosmetics and liquor industries form the heart of the Kling collection. For decades, Kling GmbH has been developing and producing cases for jewellery, watches and cosmetics as well as presentation cases for many additional industries. The use of different materials in combination with innovative production techniques opens a broad range of possibilities for the individual design of your sample cases. At the same time, this allows you to create the matching environment for the optimal presentation of your products for the customer.

A component of the cases and drawers collection is the Rebra Extralight System. It was developed especially for the safe and comfortable transport of watches, jewellery and writing implements. The patented presentation system weighs up to less than half that of conventional presentation solutions. This relieves your back and can save you expensive excess baggage fees when you are travelling. The Rebra drawers are the perfect complement with the extra-light collection cases made of impact-resistant plastic.

From the outside, your collection will look like tourist's luggage – a plus in safety. Our standard cases as well as drawer collections can be found in the Kling Basic Collection catalogue.



Maximum flexibility due to modular structure  


Kling's shop-in-shop solutions are used in a multitude of department stores – nationally as well as internationally. The shop concepts consist of different elements, such as counters, cabinets, displays and much more. The elements can be combined in a modular way and thus offer a broad range of design options. If individual departments or individual brands, goods or product groups are meant to be particularly highlighted, a shop-in-shop system can be used. Whether in the textile department in a department store, in the sports shop or in the cosmetics and / or jewellery department – shop concepts of this kind can be found everywhere these days.

Kling offers individual shop-in-shop solutions to meet your individual needs. Inspiration for possible shop concepts and an insight into different shop-in-shop-solutions can be found in our Kling Basic Collection catalogue.



Modern product presentation at the Point of Sale  


Showcases form an exclusive vehicle  for product presentations of any kind. Whether they are developed individually or as a standard module, display cabinets enjoy a high recognition value, make an excellent appearance of the products possible and represent a generous exhibition space. The perfect basis for brand promotion at the highest level.

An exhibition cabinet by Kling makes an emotional and at the same time functional presentation possible. We offer lit showcases that can rotate and be locked, using state-of-the-art technology, designs and materials. A multitude of materials such as wood, powder-coated metal or glass give every exhibition cabinet a special appearance.

Aside from standardised display cabinets for jewellery and watches, Kling also supplies a multitude of other industries. Next to classical glass cabinets, individual productions and combinations with other materials are of course also possible – just get in touch with us! 



Kling develops sales aids that meet the highest technical requirements especially for the optics industry.  


Thanks to decades of working with customers from the optics industry, we know their needs down to the smallest detail. Aside from the pure product presentation of glasses, spectacles and frames, we have special know-how in the development of demo tools for optical devices. With the help of these demo tools, specific properties of glasses, for example anti-reflection, polarisation, self-toning and resilience of the glasses can be demonstrated at the point of sale.

The possibilities for design of the optics tools are versatile – depending on the needs of our customers, we develop simple hand instruments as well as elaborate demo tools with integrated technology to mount on counters and sales counters. Our competent personnel will gladly consult you on the technical possibilities for the implementation of your ideas and requirements – just get in touch with us! 



Decorative stand-up displays, busts, pillows, pedestals and much more  


Aside from individual decoration series produced at the request of the customer, Kling offers a wide range of standard decorations for the presentation of jewellery, watches and glasses. The different series for your display window decoration exude classical elegance and are perfect for the presentation of high-grade products. 

The timeless decoration series are regularly supplemented with current collections for window display decorations. The busts, stand-up displays and pedestals are made of acryl glass, PP, metal or LU and can be covered with soft imitation leather on request. Moulded and dyed acryl glass forms can add enchanting light and colour interplay in your window display decoration.

Our Kling Basic Collection catalogue features a wide range of standardised series of decorations and busts. We are also happy to address your individual customer requests and develop your personal decoration series! 


Stackable Trays

Robust trays, developed for purposes of industry, logistics and storage


Stackable poly trays for production, trade and storage. Safely carry and store your products with the tried and trusted poly trays, made by Kling Swiss. These solid and low maintenance poly trays, combined with matching flocked or foam inserts, are perfect for every-day use in industry and trade.

These trays are available in several heights and colours. The inserts are available with a variety of practical compartments and a selection of colours. We offer standardized inserts as well as tailor-made inserts.